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TSW 2 | Island Line 2022: Class 484 | OUT NOW!

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  • TSW 2 | Island Line 2022: Class 484 | OUT NOW!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IoW-V2_ForumTopImage-Announcement-EN.jpg Views:	0 Size:	121.5 KB ID:	7340

    We’re more than proud to share our latest development project with you: The Island Line 2022: Class 484.

    With the Island Line 2022, we’re revisiting a true classic in Train Sim World 2! Since the old Class 483 trains have retired in early 2021, the route has undergone significant changes on the stations & track. Platforms were raised, tracks lowered and the passing loop in Brading was added back in. All this was done to make the route ready for the new train, the Class 484! On a closer look, the 484 is another converted tube train, this time a rebuilt and modernized D78-Stock.

    Our recreation of the Island Line is a complete rebuild, started from scratch. We not only made the changes that were done to the route in real life, we also added many more areas for the players to explore, as well as brought the route up to today's standard in Train Sim World. But more on that soon.

    Pre-order the Island Line 2022: Class 484 now and save 10%:

    If you don’t own the existing Isle of Wight: Ryde - Shanklin, we have some exciting news for you: You can get both routes with the Isle of Wight Bundle, at 20% off! The bundle includes the old Isle of Wight: Ryde - Shanklin with the Class 483 AND the new Island Line 2022: Class 484 with the all new Class 484!

    Get the bundle here:

    And don’t forget to watch the exclusive Class 484 walkaround preview, now on YouTube:

    The Island Line 2022: Class 484 will be available for all platforms on the 19th of July 2022 and will cost £14.99 / 17.99 € / $ 22.99.

    Please note, that the new Island Line 2022: Class 484 is a standalone product and does not require the old Isle of Wight route to work!
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    Jasper - Can you please confirm the release date. The headline says 12th July but the article says 19th July. Thanks.


    • Jasper_Rivet
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      Sorry & thanks for flagging, it's the 19th July 2022. ☺️

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    Hello looking forward to this dlc I'm wondering how did you get the information for the planning of the loco did uses go out to the route or get information online?


    • Jasper_Rivet
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      Cheers, happy to hear that! ☺️

      A combination of both. ^^ We had two people going out to survey the route/changes (you'll see one in a later devblog), but we also had some great folks at the IoW that helped us a lot with various information.

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    Any news on the timetable? How many services will there be?

    Also please don't let it be another AI-generated timetable! The team got it right on the original timetable for IoW (aside from missing a few XX:XX:30 arrivals where applicable), so it'd be nice if this one can as well


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      Please can you confirm when this will be released for the Xbox i have searched both your own site and that of dovetail and cannot find any options to get this version of the Island line for my Xbox.


      • Jasper_Rivet
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        Should be live on console by now.

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      Click image for larger version  Name:	IoW-V2_ForumTopImage-OutNow-EN.jpg Views:	0 Size:	92.4 KB ID:	7429

      We’re more than happy to announce that the Island Line 2022: Class 484 is available now for all platforms!

      Experience a unique marvel of rail innovation, an Underground veteran turned Solent explorer. Modern-day Isle of Wight duties await with Rivet Games’ Island Line 2022: BR Class 484 for Train Sim World 2!

      Get the Island Line 2022 here or find your favorite store:
      Or discover the Isle of Wight Bundle:

      Find the manual here:
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        Right I am mightly peeved off, I preordered virtually from the off via steam with the 10% off yet as soon as it was made available, and didn't for 1 second think to check later to see if a better offer became available.

        Yet now I find out that I could have got both this and the original with 20% off. That is no way to treat your loyal customers by hiding better offers from them.

        Left a sour taste in my mouth on an otherwise fantastic route.


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        We need Dinosaur Plushies.....

        Click image for larger version

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          That would be amazing!


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   promised some screenshot impressions. The WCL water textures look amazing at the Isle of Wight! More holiday mood isn't possible, even if it's only digital.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Isle of Wight Impressions.jpg
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            • AmScot01324_Rivet
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              WOW, you've really captured the essence of the Isle of Wight! Amazing.

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            Your best route Rivet. Just three main bugs/issues:

            1) When you set the headlights at one end of the train, it does the same in the other cab

            2) NPCs don’t board the trains. They wait on the platform but never get on, resulting in near empty trains

            3) Deceleration needs some minor tweaks

            Overall, a job well done!


            • AmScot01324_Rivet
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              Hi, we are so happy you are enjoying IOW 2022 and thank you for such compliments. The issues you've raised have been brought up and reported to our dev team. If you'd be so kind to leave a review on Steam (if that's where you purchased) we'd be most appreciative. Thank you!

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            Yes this dlc is rivets best from the quality aspect. The Class 484 is really detailed visual and also with features. Thats how it should be! Nice we can even isolate the drivers doors with the valves, thats exactly the details which makes the huge difference to me. Nice job rivet.

            The route it self looks good and for me its enjoyable to drive the Island line.

            Sounds are good, but still need a bit of a tweak. The only bugs i had are:

            - When starting the service by taking over a train (spawning on foot), the a.i seems to switch the lights in the other cab.
            - No driver visible (same as in Luzern sursee) --> i heard its caused by playing a female character
            - Mastery scenery cant be activated after finish both tiers.

            Another positive thing in my opinion is the "real" scenery, which can be unlocked in tier 2. In luzern sursee its a huge cheese, not very appealing in my opinion. I rather prefere non fantasy scenry, which gives the route a nice benefit.


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              Another big plus are the very detailed created bogies. They are in my opinion under the top 3 best looking bogies of all tsw vehicles. This means piping, cables and the components in general are very well modeled. Even when releasing the brakes, you can hear the air flush.

              Rivet, keep up this level of detail in future dlcs & projects.


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                Thanks so much for the positive feedback, much appreciated! 😍


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                  this service not working show red long time at ryde st johns