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    Originally posted by michaelkeane2022 View Post
    this service not working show red long time at ryde st johns
    Just finished that one without any problems. Did you accidently go into the train on platform 3, which departs at 6:00 or so? You need to take the 484, which is inside the shed and use the manouver over the siding 5.


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      Any chance the AI timings and lack of setup time will be fixed?


      • AmScot01324_Rivet
        AmScot01324_Rivet commented
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        I do know the dev team has some things they're looking at. I'll see if I can find out and get back to you.

      • Express1217
        Express1217 commented
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        The problem with AI-generated timetables is that the computer doesn't always know what's reasonable. This can result in timings that are too tight and/or don't feel realistic. The timetable for Spirit of Steam in particular suffers from this issue, since it expects players to be almost just as fast as trains on a modern day version of the route.

        It was recently brought up in a roadmap stream ( that Joe from DTGs gameplay team has found a way to get as close to the real times as you can get in a less time consuming way. That also eliminates the need of AI timings. I think it's worth getting in contact with him, so this issue won't happen again on future timetables. It also helps making Timetable Mode more enjoyable!

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      Will this ever be available for PC via Microsoft Store? Currently only available for Xbox


      • AmScot01324_Rivet
        AmScot01324_Rivet commented
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        Hi. PC version is available on Steam --
        OR on our store as a bundle with the original Isle of Wight: Ryde - Shanklin

        Sorry, Microsoft Store is not an option.

      • Jasper_Rivet
        Jasper_Rivet commented
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        Let me explain that a little more in detail: Dovetail stopped publishing addons on the Microsoft store after the Rush Hour release because there were some technical issues with the game on that platform (key features not working).

        We're hoping to bring all those addons back at some point, but we'll update you on that seperatly. Hope that helps.

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      SUBMIT & WIN!

      Just a quick reminder:
      You can win a 10€ voucher for our Rivet Games shop right now, if you leave us a review on the Island Line 2022 on Steam. This helps us to improve, as well as other players. Thank you!

      Enter here:

      Winner will be drawn on the 25th of August 2022 and informed via email.


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        If you happen to own TSW 3, we have good news for you. There's going to be an update if you own the Island Line 2022. See the changelog below.
        We don't have a date yet when this will become available for Train Sim World 2, we'll keep you updated.

        Island Line 2022:
        • Various graphical and environment improvements, including:
          • Asphalt and concrete terrain should now make correct footstep sounds
          • Players can now walk up the stairs at Ryde St. John’s Road
          • Passengers should now not cluster at the doors to the loco at Ryde St John’s Road
          • BR Class 484
            • should no longer be able to open doors manually when moving
            • AI trains now have their passenger lights on when train is in use
            • Horn should now play correctly no matter how quickly the horn button is pressed
            • Improved whistle volume
            • Incorrectly spelt cab labels have been corrected and should now be spelt correctly

        There's more in this update, see the original Dovetail forum post:


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          Posted this on my facebook group ( train sim world community ) but I'll post it here aswell.

          Took me longer then planned, but that's the island line 2022 completed.

          Review time, it's a long one!

          So, like many others, I'm sceptical when rivet release a route for tsw, but as it was a UK route, I kept on "track" of purchasing all UK content, in my head I was visualising the isle of wight route vs island line, I can honestly say I shouldnt have compared the two, island line 2022, whilst many may disagree, is by far the best route Rivet Games have produced for tsw so far, from the model of the 484, to the modeling of the stations, the scenery ( I know some are always picky ) throughout the route, the sparks on the track definatly add to the immersion.

          Now I wont say its 100% perfect, there a couple of niggling, but not game braking things, the livery ( we know SWR are tight fisted ) so we can forgive that, passengers falling of stations/bridges onto the track, and when doing a return to free roam arriving at shanklin, the headlights/tail lights auto change to the wrong end, again not game braking.

          For those that know me, I always do journey mode first, however this time I decided to skip, as around 70% of the journey mode is repeated services from earlier chapters, some that I picked up on luzern-sursee.

          So all that aside, island line is a solid 8.5/10

          Thanks rivet and please keep up this standard of content 👏​
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            Many many thanks for the warm words Jasonpfc, much appreciated! We are always more than happy when we hear that you (the community) are enjoying our addons.

            Nevertheless, I'll make sure your feedback get's added to our bugtracking system.

            Many thanks & have a fantastic weekend! 😊