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TS 2021 | Announcing fahrBAR | Pre-Order now!

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  • TS 2021 | Announcing fahrBAR | Pre-Order now!

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    Hello everyone!

    Some of you might have heard about fahrBAR ('driving bar') - an ambitious project from a few Swiss volunteers, who want to rebuild an former post wagon with a long history into a driving bar - the "fahrBAR".

    As you may now, these restorations are extremely expensive. And while the fahrBAR team is busy restoring the driving bar in real life, our Alan Thomson created a virtual version for Train Simulator to support them! So now you can support the team as well by buying the fahrBAR Train Simulator coach - raising money to help the team continue their restoration of the real world version!

    What you get? An extremely detailed model of what the fahrBAR will look like when it's finished, including unique animations on the dynamo, the door steps and the handbrake. And lots of camera positions to explore every inch of the coach! Plus the disco mode - but more on that one later on.
    Included with the wagon are 6 standard scenarios, one each on the Albula-, Arosa-, Engadin-, Surselva-, Bernina-Line or Bernina Pass.

    You can get three different versions of the pack. The basic pack, the supporters pack & the legendary supporter pack. All options contain the same pack, but if you care to contribute even more to the real world fahrBAR project, please select your option!

    Pre-Order now:

    fahrBAR will launch for Train Simulator on 3rd June 2021!

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    Will there be a version in your pack that allows this wagon to be hitched to "historic" wagons available from your "colleague"
    trainplayer59: Allegra from a RhB fan