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TSW 2 | Arosa Line: Chur - Arosa | Available now!

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  • TSW 2 | Arosa Line: Chur - Arosa | Available now!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	TopImage_Announcement-EN.jpg Views:	0 Size:	89.9 KB ID:	3444

    Finally! Our Arosa line for TSW2 is nearly here! See link for more details. More news coming soon!

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    I am happy to see a update about the Arosa Line, but I have a couple of questions:
    • Are the cars on the road static or do they really move?
    • Is the "request stop" button functional?
    • Are the log cars the only cargo what we get?
    Dutch trainspotter.


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      Hi De Mat '64, I can tell you that the cars on the road do move, they're not static.
      For the content questions, I don't know if we can already dive into them... but in any case we'll get back very soon...


      • Atevetrago
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        will work the request stop button on the train and the station?

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      Looks awesome at the screenshots I have seen. Looking forward to this route.


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        Based off of the screenshots, it looks really good! I hope the dev team has learned a lot from the feedback of IoW's rocky launch

        On a side note, how long will the boarding times be in service mode? Are they 30 seconds like on IoW?


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          Thanks for all your very positive feedback, we'll get back to you with more info about your questions soon! But I promise, you won't be disappointed!

          In the meantime:
          • The boarding times will be roughly about 30 seconds, I didn't counted seconds when driving - I was caught walking around and adoring.
          • Yes, we're only including the wood wagons in the route.
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            Looks great! That's the trigger I needed to place an order for a new TSW2-compatible computer! It will hopefully arrive berfore the release of the Arosa line. And very nice that you use Ge4/4ii instead of the Allegra, it has alot more character!


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              I just saw the video about demonstrating the guard signaling, but does the timetable gives you extra time to walk out of the train to press the button and walk back to the cab or will you be always late when you do that?

              Note from Jasper: I moved this post from it's own topic into here, let's keep questions about Arosa together.
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              Dutch trainspotter.


              • Jasper_Rivet
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                Good question, will ask our developers about it and then get back to you!

                Edit: Just talked to our developers and we'll add a little extra time in the scenarios for you to go press the "Abfahrbefehl" button!
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              One of the unique features of the Arosa is hidden in the control boxes - from which a guard can give the driver his "Abfahrbefehl" (the command to leave the station) (among others). These are little boxes on each platform, which a train guard presses a button if the train is ready to depart from a station.

              Want to see how they're working on the Arosa Line? Then check out our latest video, now live!
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                Along with the Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive,the pictures and videos have shown 1 type of passenger carriage 1 type of baggage carriage/wagon and 1 wagon(with logs).So is this the complete line up for the arosa line when released?

                There is one other type of car not listed yet but might it be included or added later,it's a cab control car which the TS version of this route has.(Unless this version of the route just has it's locos move to the opposite end of the train when doing return trips).

                Note from Jasper: I moved this post from it's own topic into here, let's keep questions about Arosa together.
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                  We'll have more details about what is going to be included this afternoon, as well as some background information about the vehicles and a preview video.

                  But, the cab car won't be in. I wonder in which TS1 route the cab car was included...?

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                A cab car would be an awesome addition, but I can live with it . I have seen RhB trains with the engine somewhere in the middle of the train and the driver driving it from a cab car, admittedly a long time ago.

                It also would be are some to have the blue livery of coaches. This is unique for Arosa line, but also a number of years ago. Last time I visited Chur in 2017 I did not see them. I probably will give it a try with the livery designer ....

                I see some people complain about the quality of the distant mountains. Can you tell us more on how you did them and the trade off you have needed to make? Personally, I think the low res of this video did not help a lot ...


                • Europeantrainspotting
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                  Maybe rivet will make a contest who makes the best blue coaches ;D

                • Jasper_Rivet
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                  We won't include the blue liveries, this is something you could do in the livery editor!

                  Regarding the distant scenery: We're still working at it - and what you saw in the video was a work-in-progess state. It improved with the lastest build - but you can't expect distant scenery as you would find it in any AAA title. At the same time, we have to make sure the perfomance is good not only on pc, but on the consoles as well. And the Xbox is the limiting point here.

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                The route looks very good so far!
                Been looking forward to this route since it first appeared on the roadmap and trained a few times on the Arosa route in the TS
                Well, almost every question has been answered so far; except one:
                The orange controll box is on every station, but do we also have to get out the cab every time passengers got in at a station?
                And most important: If yes, will we be able to ‚shortcut‘ it and just press and hold the button (on PlayStation it’s the ⭕️) to avoid getting of at every station?
                Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the best features I’ve seen so far, but it might take a bit of the realism if you have to get out as the driver to push the button because the lazy conductor doesn’t want to haha
                Looking forward to answers, new screenshots and videos


                • Jasper_Rivet
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                  Hi, we didn't planned on giving it it's own key-binding. But let me speak to our developers, this might be an idea.

                  Edit: Talked to our developers and unfortunately, we can't do custom key bindings in Train Sim World. Sorry!
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                • RudolfJan
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                  You probably can use the free camera to activate the departure signal, just as it works for other commands like setting switches, coupling wagons. If you own the SEH route you may have noted this route has operational signal phone boots. You can use these to call the dispatcher if you like. This departure sigana box is very similar.

                • Jasper_Rivet
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                  RudolfJan That's true! This is also a massive time-saver, which could be useful in Service mode.

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                I have a question in regards to the Arosa Line Route Add-on Train Sim World 2 has you maybe aware that Dovetail Games did an announcement article on there website on Friday and Rivet released a video on YouTube about the signalling system.
                Today Dovetail Games as release this weeks roadmap update see: TRAIN SIM WORLD 2 ROADMAP - 23 FEBRUARY 2021 ( according to this roadmap it is still 'In Production' but as I understand it when a route is nearly ready to be released then Dovetail starts doing articles about the route.

                I would like to know what is situation with this route as the article was published on Friday last week?

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                • Jasper_Rivet
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                  Hi Steven, the roadmap should give you a rough idea of what the current status on something is - not an exact indication. We are pulling bit's and pieces together and will announce the launch date 2 weeks ahead of launch. Until then, please be patient!

                  If you're active here and/or following us on social media, you can't miss the upcoming announcements!

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                As a console player I would see Train Simulator classic videos on content Rivet has made and only imagined what it would be like to experience it on TSW. I want to say how excited I was for Rivet to be the first 3rd party developer for TSW, even more so when the TSW2 roadmap released and I saw the upcoming Arosa line. I’ve been quietly and excitingly been waiting for this route more then any other content. I actually do have a question, will the “request stop” feature be included on the TSW2 route? If so what does that exactly mean for us while driving a service? Thank you for your time!
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                • Jasper_Rivet
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                  Wow, that kind of interaction would be cool! But I'm afraid I have to disappoint you - the TSW doesn't support interactions between people/cars and trains at the moment. We'll announce more details about the road traffic in the future, but there is some cool stuff, trust me!

                  Happy to see people getting excited about the Arosa Line!

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                Screenshots are looking great. I can't wait for the first live stream of the route.

                But I have some remarks:
                In the interview, Jasper is talking about regional services and fast regional expresses. On this line, every train is a normal regional service in real life. I remember reading somewhere that the line was set up in 2016, so I searched for the timetable:

                and the graphical timetable of the line from 2016:

                To the locomotive, you built the Ge 4/4 II with the Dualbremse, which only very few had in 2016. (Not that important to me, as it is a rather small detail, but I wanted to mention it nonetheless.) Will we also get some Locos with an add, as in TS?

                As the added freight cars are wood cars, they mostly run as separate freight trains until some midway station for loading, they are not normally seen in Arosa.

                As was aready mentionned before, in 2016 nearly all trains were run by Allegra. But I prefer the Ge 4/4 II and they also sometimes run there in passenger services. In 2016, no cab cars run on the Arosa Line, so that is correct.

                For the departure signals, if the signal is green and the train is ready, the conductor should switch it on, so the train driver does know the train is ready to depart, and then only he closes the doors. If there is no conductor, the train driver will just close the doors when ready, and not use the departure signals. The train driver himself never operates it.

                Can you tell us something, if the stop on request will work, or if the trains always stop at each station?

                I am really looking forward to this add-on, and I hope more will follow soon.