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    I have request. A number of people complain about derailments. If there are real bugs, they should be fixed, but please make it not easier to go down because people did not yet learn how to brake. There are tutorials and it definitely is possible to drive down without derailing if you brake properly. It is challenging but do not remove the challenge.

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    • AmScot01324_Rivet
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      Thanks for this! We will look into the derailment issue but as you have said, when proper braking is applied there won't be any derailment. We love that you love the challenge!

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    Click image for larger version

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    Hi folks! Especially after releasing a new route, we're keen to hear your feedback - this helps us fix issues with the most recent launch, but also helps shape future plans too. With Arosa, it became clear that it was a little too punishing with derailments if the brakes weren't used in the way they are in real life. We've since updated the physics of the train to make it more forgiving, and that fix was just released on all platforms. So the derailments are now history!

    But we're continuing our polishing on Arosa. This is what we're fixing in the upcoming update (please note, that we'll publish proper patch notes with the update itself, this is just to give you an idea of what we're looking at):
    • User is now able to complete custom scenario from Peist Station to Arosa
    • AI now runs the loco RhB GE 4/4 with Pantograph up after the user gives up the controls to AI
    • AI locomotive now operates with Headlight and passenger cabin lighting on
    • [Timber Log Delivery] If player takes too long to reach the final coupling task, they will be required to wait for train to pass - fixed.
    • Trains now have lights on in the carriages during the night.
    • Throttle Notches do not work
    • Decals are now visible when choosing left and right side for the locomotive Rhb Ge 4/4 II in the livery editor
    • Removed rocks from persistent level so they disappear when the tile is not drawn.
    • Changed headout angle to be 180 degrees so you can look backwards.
    • Driver Camera now changes height when seat height is changed
    • Rail Driver Setup has been added

    We'll let you guys know when the update will be published, but it's not far away.

    We'll continue working on the Arosa Linie after this patch, so we would love to still hear your feedback for a second update.


    • Litty
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      How about improving the timetable? Apparently you can't meet the arrival times when following the speed limits.

    • Jasper_Rivet
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      Litty We're working on a timetable update as well, this will be included in the update after the one above. We'll let you know more about it soon!

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    Quite honestly it’s an absolute disgrace. Your purchase a route where it is impossible to run to time because the timetable is completely wrong. You wait a month for an update to discover the timetable hasn’t been done and just told it would be in another update but not told when. There is no excuse whatsoever for this and the timetable should have been correct at launch and not for you to be told about it by somebody who posted the actual timetable without difficulty. What did you do just make the times up?


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      Hi Stephen Bosley ,

      we're really sorry that you feel this way and can totally understand. We promise we'll improve with the next route - not least because of your feedback. We hope that you still can enjoy the route, we think there are plenty of things to enjoy in the Swiss mountains.

      After launch, our devteam went right behind their desks and continued working on updates. We published a hotfix for the derailment problem we had, improving gameplay significantly. We've always communicated, that the timetable won't be patched in the first update, right above your post was someone asking about that.

      Let's not forget, updating on Train Sim World is something different that it was with Train Simulator, due to the fact that we not only need to ship it to Steam, but to Sony & Microsoft as well. And we want the update to be available for everyone at the same time, anything else would be unfair we think.


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        Another unbelievable response. “think there are plenty of things to enjoy in the Swiss mountains”. If I wanted to enjoy the views of the Swiss mountains I could just go on You Tube and find hundreds.

        Instead of replying with utter trash explain how you got the timetable so wrong in the first place. Why wasn’t it checked with the real life timetable or did you just make your own times up? How come if the game was tested nobody spotted it is impossible to adhere to the timetable? When will the update for correcting the timetable be made available given the first update took a month? This will mean people have purchased a train simulator where it’s impossible to get anywhere near the timings and going to wait 2 months at least for you to correct it.


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          Click image for larger version  Name:	TopImage_Update-21-04-2021-EN.jpg Views:	0 Size:	83.5 KB ID:	4507

          After releasing the first patch, we've put everything into this first update for Arosa, which is now live on all platforms. Please be aware, that it might take up to 48 hours before the update appears. Please wait those 48 hours before contacting the customer support.
          The update itself will be installed automatically, you have nothing to do.

          Official patchnotes for the Arosa Linie update are:
          • Fixed instances where AI locomotive operate without Headlights and passenger cabin lighting.
          • Changed camera headout angle to be 180 degrees so players are able to look backwards.
          • Driver Camera now changes height when seat height is changed.
          • The AI no longer runs the RhB GE 4/4 II with the pantograph down after the player gives up the controls.
          • Throttle notches now display correctly on the HUD.
          • Updated the Livery Designer so that when selecting the Rhb Ge 4/4 II, the decals are now visible on the left and right side of the loco.
          • Rocks no longer float in the air when a tile is not rendered due to LOD/Distance
          • Updated the final coupling task so that you are no longer required to wait for the train to pass.

          Please consider updating your Steam review if you think that the update has improved the Arosa Linie and we've done a good job with it. Thank you!

          We'll continue working on the Arosa Linie after this update, so we would love to still hear your feedback for a second update!
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          • RudolfJan
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            Thanks for this update. I updated my review. The good news is that I still recommend the route.

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          After the first update I believe Arosa Linie is becoming what it should have been from the get-go. The biggest issue for me is still the broken timetable, so hopefully this will be prioritised in the next update. I've encountered ocassions where distant signal indicated a clear aspect, but the following main signal showing a stop aspect, resulting in a SPAD. This has happened travelling in both directions on the line. One other thing I would note is the absence of ambient audio. Chur is a city, yet it is completely devoid of any audio activity and so is basically the entire route. Strolling around stations feels very weird without at least some birds chirping in the background or tree canopies hustling. Lastly, the coaches themselves sound very unrealistic at low speeds, so hopefully you can improve that aspect as well.

          Good job on the first update!


          • RudolfJan
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            Chur is not a very big city and when I visited it, it was very quiet there. Still, you would hear some traffic noise especially along the train route, which is one of the more busy roads in Chur. For me it is not that disturbing, there also are no pedestrians along the streets and so on. I agree the timetable is not very good, I just ignore it and even do not look at it. Also< I think some small improvements on the distant mountains could be possible.

            In general< I still like the routed,despite my list of wishes and I am looking forward to more Swiss routes. To be honest my major disappointment is the announcement of a UK route at the DTG backlog as the next Rivet route.

          • AmScot01324_Rivet
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            Hello and thank you. We are still making adjustments on the route and yes, we realise there is a timetable issue. We will be adding a fix for that in the next update.

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          Regarding the first point. I don’t believe this is fully fixed. I have had 2 trains come up the hill without any lights on so far.

          As for the raildriver support. I’m afraid the best I can say is it’s better than nothing. The throttle handling is awful and you can’t select 3.5 at all as it’s on the same notch 7 as 3.3. It is also very imprecise, this is not an issue I’ve experienced on other trains. There are a lot of other issues such as randomly operating wipers these are listed in detail on the DTG forum, I added my feedback there.


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            It may be nice to know for this forum as well, that I created a Route Guide for Arosa Linie. It is additional to the official manual and to the TSW2 Starters Guide. You can download these guides here:


            Navigate from here to the TSW page.


            • Jasper_Rivet
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              Wow, thanks for creating such a detailed guide - great stuff! I just had a brief look at it, but I'm more than pleased with what I saw. We're currently working on a signal tutorial video, I'll send you the link once it's finished, so that you can add it into the guide if you want to.

              Allow myself to add the link to the proper document here:

              Just as a disclaimer: This isn't an official Rivet Games document, if you have any questions or problems please use this forum or send us an email to [email protected]!

            • RudolfJan
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              Hi Jasper,

              Thank you for your kind comments. I did not release the direct link to google drive on purpose. This link will no longer work if I create an update. The second reason is that I would like all people downloading my stuff to subscribe to a newsletter, so I have better opportunities to inform about updates.

              Also, while scanning for this guide you would miss the other guides and tools I created. Most of them will be updated regularly and I definitely will pay some attention to the signalling tutorial once it is available.