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    I have request. A number of people complain about derailments. If there are real bugs, they should be fixed, but please make it not easier to go down because people did not yet learn how to brake. There are tutorials and it definitely is possible to drive down without derailing if you brake properly. It is challenging but do not remove the challenge.

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    • AmScot01324_Rivet
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      Thanks for this! We will look into the derailment issue but as you have said, when proper braking is applied there won't be any derailment. We love that you love the challenge!

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    Click image for larger version

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    Hi folks! Especially after releasing a new route, we're keen to hear your feedback - this helps us fix issues with the most recent launch, but also helps shape future plans too. With Arosa, it became clear that it was a little too punishing with derailments if the brakes weren't used in the way they are in real life. We've since updated the physics of the train to make it more forgiving, and that fix was just released on all platforms. So the derailments are now history!

    But we're continuing our polishing on Arosa. This is what we're fixing in the upcoming update (please note, that we'll publish proper patch notes with the update itself, this is just to give you an idea of what we're looking at):
    • User is now able to complete custom scenario from Peist Station to Arosa
    • AI now runs the loco RhB GE 4/4 with Pantograph up after the user gives up the controls to AI
    • AI locomotive now operates with Headlight and passenger cabin lighting on
    • [Timber Log Delivery] If player takes too long to reach the final coupling task, they will be required to wait for train to pass - fixed.
    • Trains now have lights on in the carriages during the night.
    • Throttle Notches do not work
    • Decals are now visible when choosing left and right side for the locomotive Rhb Ge 4/4 II in the livery editor
    • Removed rocks from persistent level so they disappear when the tile is not drawn.
    • Changed headout angle to be 180 degrees so you can look backwards.
    • Driver Camera now changes height when seat height is changed
    • Rail Driver Setup has been added

    We'll let you guys know when the update will be published, but it's not far away.

    We'll continue working on the Arosa Linie after this patch, so we would love to still hear your feedback for a second update.


    • Litty
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      How about improving the timetable? Apparently you can't meet the arrival times when following the speed limits.

    • Jasper_Rivet
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      Litty We're working on a timetable update as well, this will be included in the update after the one above. We'll let you know more about it soon!

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    Quite honestly it’s an absolute disgrace. Your purchase a route where it is impossible to run to time because the timetable is completely wrong. You wait a month for an update to discover the timetable hasn’t been done and just told it would be in another update but not told when. There is no excuse whatsoever for this and the timetable should have been correct at launch and not for you to be told about it by somebody who posted the actual timetable without difficulty. What did you do just make the times up?