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    No-one else is asking so I'll be the first. It's 17:17 on 25 March.

    Are we nearly there yet?

    Will those of us who pre-ordered be getting our keys before 18:00?


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      The keys won't work before its available on Steam, but they're ready to send to you the second it is



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        Thanks Colin,

        I'll get my drivers hat...


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          Well well, almost 24 hours since I bought the Arosa line on exactly 00:00 o’clock. I’ve driven it a few times, and would like to share what I like, what I don’t like and some problems that occurred.

          First of all: What I like
          Well obviously the whole route is nice. Especially the train, the close scenery, the stations with the small clocks, the small features and so on are unbelievable good!
          I also loved the fact that there are so many different loco numbers and names, but only so many, that if you design advertised locos you are likely to be able to use a number that won’t occure again. Great

          What I don’t like:
          There are a few small things, most of them are bugs (not the animal) so I will name them later. But there is also one big thing that is not good in my opinion: The far scenery. And no, it’s not the whole far scenery! But especially the mountains near Chur are very, very odd... Here I’ve got a problem, which will be stated later on. Another thing that I didn’t like is that the stop on request button is more or less useless, which is a shame because you put so much love in this feature, and it’s very nice! Maybe you could think about implementing it for AI services later on?
          The third thing is the fact that the manual wipers are not clearing the windscreen (this was also a problem in the Br204). So if you use the wipers with the buttons it works, but if you just want to use the rod above the windscreen it has no effects. Would love if you’d change that!
          And the last thing are the collectibles. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely and well made! But in my opinion there are to much. For example at Peist: I think there are five to six collectibles in Peist and if you walk around the station building it rings the whole time because you found a new collectible XD
          Either way, these are the few things that I really didn’t like.

          But now let’s get to a part where I can write in key points: Problems and bugs (still not the animal)
          [This is an order from most to least problematic, but in my opinion]

          -Mountains at Chur station.
          There is a very big mountain if you look at the big hall of Chur, which has a lot of big Rocks on it, and it’s not very far away. But (at least on Ps4 Pro, have no idea about other platforms) this mountain has a hole inside. And these holes get bigger and bigger the more you drive in direction south, until the mountain finally fades away at Chur Sand. And no, it’s not the whole mountain that is bugging: it’s only the green part beneath these enormous rocks. That makes the whole thing a bit odd, because it also occurs when you head to north and look directly at this mountain...

          -The loco is not starting again
          This might also be my incompetence but some times at a stop the Ge4/4 II is not moving anymore, although there is no brake applied and I’m giving it a try at 3.3 or more... When I put down the pantograph and raise it again it suddenly works; why?!

          -Signals are changing to red after asking the controll center for passing a signal
          Sometimes I’m a bit anxious cause I remember the times on other routes where a signal was green and I got an emergency brake because it only was shown green, but was actually red. So sometimes I push the button to get the permission to head over a red signal although it’s green. And then: Boom, it changes to red. (This problem also occurs on HRR, so I’m not sure if it’s in rivets hand to repair that)

          -Windscreen wiper is only working with the “button mode” (I know you don’t call it like that, but it’s late and I’m tired)
          I have stated this problem above already

          And there are a few other small bugs, but Jasper already told us rivet is aware of them.

          Sooooo, to sum up everything that I have stated so far: Fantastic route! It still has a few issues, has not the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen in TSW, and my dog brought my train to derail, but apart from that: Wow. Rivet, that’s an amazing route you put there, and I hope the next one will also be from switzerland. I would look forward to get some answers whether there are a few things you might fix, and whether I just forgot to push a button so I don’t have to put down the pantograph to start the loco again
          Cheers and have a safe ride in switzerland!

          Oh, and a pro tipp for the ones who don’t like the far scenery at all: Use fog! It’s very realistic in that region of switzerland


          • AmScot01324_Rivet
            AmScot01324_Rivet commented
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            Hi! Glad to see that despite the issues you've described, you are able to enjoy Arosa Linie. I have take note of everything you've said here and compiled them in the list for our dev team. It's positive critiques like yours that enable us to fix the issues and help the community. Thanks so much.

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          In the HUD the throttle position indicator is not working. A fix would be appreciated. Also, when you set a speed target, normally this should be shown with a blue line and circle in the HUD. This is necessary for a consistent HUD style. This also is not working.

          In other threads this issue is confirmed, but I prefer to have a separate thread for each issue.


          • Jasper_Rivet
            Jasper_Rivet commented
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            That's noted, cheers!

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          Not a bug, but what is is the logic in driving loaded lumber wagons up the mountain and empty ones down? I may be mistaken, but the natural way seems to me you cut trees somewhere up in the mountains and bring the wood to the valley for processing.


          • Jasper_Rivet
            Jasper_Rivet commented
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            Hmm, maybe it's a special kind of wood, need up there in the mountains? I agree that it might not be 200% realistic, but it isn't wrong either.

          • mob4004
            mob4004 commented
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            Whole logs? Why? There is nothing to use them there

          • Nightraven
            Nightraven commented
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            Arosa Line have been an enjoyable experience for me. But driving with the woodwagons up the montain always felt a bit wrong and was one of those little nitpicks that stuck in the back of my head. Especially after I watched this documentary on the Arosa Line where they said that the main economy of St. Peter was driven by their logging industry. But hey, maybe they sold to much wood and had to buy some back to keep themselves warm at winter

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          I noticed that ZSI seems to be turned on permenently. This in contrast to what is said at the stream. In the Sounthbound scenario, I did not acknnowledge the ZSI upon arrival, resulting in an emergency brakie application. I had this dead mens switch turned off.


          • Jasper_Rivet
            Jasper_Rivet commented
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            We're sorry for the confusion! There are two safety systems:

            1. The deadmans safety device. This is the one you can turn on/off with the switch to your right. But if you get off the seat while driving, you'll trigger an emergency braking.

            2. The ZSI. The ZSI can't be turned off - you basically need to acknowledge every yellow distant signal you get. You don't have to do anything when approaching a clear signal.

          • RudolfJan
            RudolfJan commented
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            Thank you for your clarification. This may happen ...

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          This issue is reported at the DTG forums:

          While playing the scenario Timber log delivery, during down hill switching, the trainbrakes didn't work. I stopped the train with the dynamic brakes at 100%.

          I am not sure this is a bug but I had great trouble to stop the lumber train at the 6% grade and overshoot it with 250 m, while applying ALL brakes full. Sorry, I was to busy to check the gauges.


          • AmScot01324_Rivet
            AmScot01324_Rivet commented
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            Thanks for posting here as well, we want to find as many instances of something occurring as we can. I have reported this to the dev team. Thanks!

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          Thanks everyone for your feedbacks. Keep them coming, as we really value them: we appreciate the time you put in them and we'll try to gather as much as possible.


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            Would it be possible to do two things to support the scenario planner better:

            1. Make all switches manual, so we can enter yards from the mainline.
            2. Add yard tracks as starting points/destinations for user created scenarios, e.g. Chur Nord seems not available.


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              Hi Rivet!

              Thanks for the beautiful route you made there!

              I really enjoy every moment while I drive on Arosa Line, it's not that easy to master the brake system, but at least we can learn something new.

              - The loco and the coaches are extremely detailed, realistic and breathtaking.
              - A different (in a positive way) route, what never could be experienced with this line. Beautiful landscape, tunnels, viaducts and buildings.

              - in a few tunnels, there is something wrong. Randomly the cab lights up, like you are going next to a lamp
              - also in the tunnels (in winter scenarios), the wind blows every time from the right (what is impossible in real life), like there is not even a wall that would block it
              - the wipers sound are extremely loud
              - in cab view mode, in winter conditions, there is a visual bug on the left window, that only appears in one camera position, it's like a texture is not fitting the model, it's slipped into the left

              - the lack of trees, weeds, bushes, ground texture on "far" mountains - at Chur is the worst

              Overall experience:
              The route and models are breathtaking and you can have fun while you learn to drive your loco, through the landscape. I have fun each time I start a scenario.

              Well done Rivet!


              • AmScot01324_Rivet
                AmScot01324_Rivet commented
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                Hi! Glad to hear that overall you are enjoying the Arosa Linie. We know everything isn't exactly as we wanted them to be and it's constructive criticism like yours that really helps us sort things out. I've made sure to include these in our dev report. Thank you!

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              I would like to comment on the journeys. The journeys are there to serve two purposes:

              1. To provide beginning players a learning curve
              2. To provide something like "A day in the life"experience

              You should keep in mind that the default setting of the game is Autoload journeys, so the next journey service is loaded automatically. So you see them one after another. I see lots of people at the forums get stuck at this.

              So, what I see is a journey chapter that plays a hard downward scenario immediately after the tutorial. This does not make sens
              Or a whole journey chapter with only run around services.

              May I suggest to do a learning chapter, with tutorial, some simple runs, maybe a downhill scenario with some tutorial characteristics, showing how to go downhill safely.
              Then you may do some seasonal scenarios, each representing a day in the life. (SEH is not very bad on this).
              I understand it would be hard to change it now, but it is something to consider for the next route (hopefully Bernina).


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                The sides of the Ge 4/4 II can not be repainted on the Livery Designer. It's a pity . Oh, and some AI trains are moving without a raised pantograph. I hope this gets fixed soon, this is a great DLC!

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                • AmScot01324_Rivet
                  AmScot01324_Rivet commented
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                  Thanks! We noted the issue for our dev team. Otherwise, we hope you're enjoying the route.

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                I noticed twice that after a stop, the vacuum brakes refuse to release. Not exactly sure about the conditions, but it may be triggered by:
                - Vacuum brake fully applied
                - Reversing driving direction

                There is a workaround: if you save the game, go to the main menu and then resume the game, the brakes will release perfectly well.


                • AmScot01324_Rivet
                  AmScot01324_Rivet commented
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                  Hmmm, that doesn't sound like what should be happening. I've noted this for our dev team to look into.

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                It is not a big issue, but some of the cars near Arosa Stadt do not move. The result is that there are a lot of car crashes. I have seen this while driving the Tourist Excursion scenario (I was about 10 minutes late).

                Click image for larger version

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                • sdc
                  sdc commented
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                  The cars only move when the train is not there.