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    So I just watched the stream and... Wow. Wow is that beautiful!
    Especially the possibility to walk around in Arosa so far is awesome! Although the route is not out yet, I wanted to say: Thank you rivet for this unbelievable route, and thanks jasper for the many answers and updates you gave us over the last weeks!
    Oh, and another thing: The part where you mentioned that “you might have something for us” as someone asked for more rolling stock: I’m already looking forward, although I don’t even know what it could be hahahah
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      I really liked the stream yesterday. At the DTG forums there still is a lot of negative sentiment on the far mountains and amount of trees though. Personally I can live with it, and I am sure Rivet will find better methods to make mountains look good over time.

      The only really missing part is freight in the timetable. Can you please add some freight trains and even better a mixed freight/passenger train? I did not even seen static freight wagons in the yard, though I may have missed that.


      • De Mat '64
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        I can also live with the mountains, but no freight is indeed a bit boring. Even just pointless A to B runs with timber is good enough for me

      • Europeantrainspotting
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        or only one filled service at 08:00 am up to Arosa, and then the empty waggons back to Chur at 7 pm

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      I just watched the devblog part 2 and it looks like the coaches has still static gangways.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Schermafbeelding 2021-03-20 om 18.33.53.png
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ID:	3847Click image for larger version  Name:	Schermafbeelding 2021-03-20 om 18.31.43.png Views:	0 Size:	1.67 MB ID:	3846
      Dutch trainspotter.


      • Jasper_Rivet
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        They aren't static, believe me.
        The devblog was recorded about a month ago, that's why the coaches weren't 200% ready back then.

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      So, my impressions after yesterday's stream:
      Locomotive - very nice
      Coaches - very nice
      Wood wagon - not seen
      Near scenery - nice (missing some road markings in Chur, and maybe some pedestrians in Chur and Arosa)
      Far scenery - could use some work, especially after seeing today's Clinfield Stream, there a
      Timetable - missing some freight. You could maybe add in the morning a service, Loco solo Chur-St. Peter-Molinis, to get some wood wagons back to Chur, and in the afternoon the reverse with some empty wood wagons to bring to St. Peter-Molinis. This would be realistic and add some freight.
      Arosa Lake - nice touch, that you are able to explore the surroundings of the lake
      Collectables - nice choices, but I have the feeling, there are too many, you stumble every few meter over them (same amount of collectables as other routes that are far longer)

      PIS on the platforms of Chur and Arosa, as well as PIS on the coaches would have been nice. (yes, coaches would have been tricky, as they don't have any screens, but putting the information in the system on the loco could for example have added destination signs to the coaches (not really 100% how it works in real life, but would have been a good compromise), and could be compatible with possible future DLCs)
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        Hey Rivet,
        Just wanted to say how excited a lot of the community has been since the Arosa line showed up on the TSW2 roadmap. Having the chance to watch your dev blogs and now the preview stream we got. I am personally very excited to finally be able to experience it for myself! The route, the stations, the scenery, the locomotive and the Snow globes all look amazing! I speak for everyone in the TSW community when I say we are all happy to have you as creator for the game and hobby we are all passionate about and thank you for bringing unique, detailed and passionate content to the thing we all enjoy! Keep on rocking on! Matt.


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          I'm sorry for getting back late to you guys. Thanks for all the support we've seen here, and for every single comment, no matter if positive or negative. I do really appreciate all the feedback. And we're taking everything into account, that's for sure!

          Here's a little statement from us to you:

          In making this route, we are trying to provide players with a challenging, narrow-gauge, twisty route which simulates some of the steepest gradients that exist on standard adhesive (non-cog) railways. As you’ll appreciate, building any simulation of this type requires a compromise between many factors that are hungry for performance. During the development, we knew that some components would have to be simplified to achieve generally acceptable framerates, so we decided to prioritise the driving aspects and close-scenery.

          The problem with simply adding more trees is that there are obviously hard limitations of how many assets, and the detail level of each, there can be in a route without impacting gameplay and performance, particularly when trying to make something run well across three different platforms with different performance capabilities.

          We are very conscious that other routes have put more of their performance budget into trees, but every route is different, and we've tried to get the best overall experience for players for this particular route. We did try having more trees in earlier builds of Arosa, but it caused a drop in frame-rate, and we thought people would value a better gameplay experience more.

          So whilst we'd effectively have to re-do most of Arosa if we wanted to change it now, it's something we'll think hard about for future routes - and if you don't think we got the balance right with Arosa, what's useful is to tell us where you think we've perhaps added *too much* detail that we could trade-off to have more trees, and we can factor that into the plans for future routes.


          • Boda09
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            The less trees I can live with, I'd rather better textures on moutains and rock formations and improve the landscape at a distance

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          Hello Jasper,

          Thank you for the detailed response. I get what you are pointing at, yet it does leave a sour taste that this is how it is going to be for this route.
          Now I have no practical experience with UE4 or programming at all for that matter, but are there really no other possibilities to enhance the distant visuals without hitting performance?

          How about 2D trees - you would barely even notice if it was a "real" tree from that distance. I have also seen that there are ground textures for UE that simulate treetops and foliage. Like I said, I basically have no clue about these things, but they sound fair enough.

          On the other hand, from what I have seen when playing in winter, it looks marvelous.

          ​​​​Nonetheless I hope the route does well and wish you the best for your launch on the 25th.


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            Just a small piece of feedback from me:
            one thing that would further improve the alpine feel would be new spruce tree assets. The current default TSW conifers are too bright green and look like deciduous trees. In reality, they are taller, darker and more straight. So if it's possible to have new tree assets, that could be an easy improvement for future Swiss routes, making them feel more alpine.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	AA5D28BA-ED82-4D5E-B3AF-509B332C3538.jpeg
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ID:	3878Click image for larger version

Name:	Obersee-lake-Arosa-Switz.jpg
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ID:	3879

            Otherwise, I really appreciate the detail you've put in the catenary and hope you continue with it, and the same goes for all the custom assets.​


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              Hello Rivet! I was very hyped with Arosa Line but, after seeing his live shows and videos I won't buy this sh**** (sorry by the word). The route is the worst optimisated in the world, 20FPS on the videos and in live transmision the game was not more than 20 fps but fps counter marked 60 but it looked like a slideshow.... The route is horrible optimisated and do not give me the excuse of the trees that there are routes that have 5000 times more and go well ... well, at 30 fps, like all TSW2


              • Gregorby
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                During the livestream the slideshow was caused by the transmission, not by the game, as they also said. Jamie (who was playing) actually saw the 60 FPS, the counter marked. The preview stream for Clinchfield railroad, the following day, had simmilar issues and was aborted therefore.
                There are some things that are not good about this route, that also broke my hype, but the performance does not seem to be one of them.

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              Hi ivantortosa, sorry you think that. But absolutely, we're not forcing anyone to buy anything they don't like. However, your post is borderline offensive,, and whilst other forums are willing to live with that, we aren't, so please keep any future posts civil. We can live with negative/critical posts, but please keep them civil and constructive, thanks.

              Colin Macdonald
              Commercial Director
              Rivet Games


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                Respect Rivet, frankly respect for your calm.

                But as they say at home: the wheel turns and the wind changes.
                Those who spit on you will end up buying your routes as they have done with DTG for 10 years.

                Anyway, do you want to tell us what the next route will be?
                Another Swiss route or somewhere else on the globe?


                • Europeantrainspotting
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                  according to the roadmap we will know about that in a few weeks when Clinchfield is released; but maybe rivet is thinking about the Gotthardbahn?

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                zawal According to their published survey, a Swiss urban / main line route is most likely to happen next. That could suggest that the RABe 523 / 526 will make its way into the game

                Europeantrainspotting As much as I'd like to see that happen, I don't think it will given the sheer length of the route. But maybe they can make a section of it


                • Europeantrainspotting
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                  if a swiss mainline is the next route from rivet for TSW... God, I would be as happy as I have never been before in case of this game; a dream of mine would come true

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                Thanks for the answers .
                Personally, I think I am having a good time with this route, it is also the only one that I had not bought on TS !!
                So it will be a total discovery for me.

                We are not going to come back what is wrong but the little "spotter" is missing, the photo mister so famous on your roads!
                Maybe you can add it later?

                The only advice I could give you is to play the mountain map, do your live in winters or in autumn with a bit of fog to hide the not very beautiful mountains.

                The thing that bothers me the most on this road is not the lack of trees, after all we are in the mountains so there aren't too many trees either.
                No, it's the textures of the ground under the trees, it's too light green, we should have one that is darker, see a mixed texture of undergrowth.


                I think it would mitigate the unattractive light green effect under the trees at all and fill in the lack of distant "shadows".

                A gravel texture would also be very appreciable especially at the level of the rocks near the rails.

                The textures in general can really make a very big difference and add a lot of realism, at least a lot more than a few trees !!

                In short, I know from my experiences how complicated it is to please everyone, I don't think you have to pay too much attention to it.

                Have a good day.


                • AmScot01324_Rivet
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                  Thank you for your nicely worded constructive criticisms and examples. You have some very good ideas and thank you for sharing the photos. We will continue to work hard to make a pleasant experience in all aspects.

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                So, if I remember correctly, you said in a stream, that not all of the Ge 4/4 II but only some will spawn in the game?
                Can you please give us a list of what numbers are in the DLC?


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                  After watching some gameplay from someone on Youtube, I have to say, you need to update the running sounds of the coaches. What the hell is that? Sorry to say it like that, but that does not sound like coaches running. The sound is completely wrong, and you should not hear running sound from the coaches as loud in the cab.

                  As a big RhB-Fan (and a fan of nearly everything swiss), I thought this add-on would be a must-have, but I am now really unsure, if I am gonna buy it. I am really waiting for some answers this evening.


                  • zawal
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                    who sounds like a request from a corporate CEO !!!
                    Calm down, I think the sounds aren't that bad.
                    I like it when people threaten not to buy, you know if you don't like you don't have to take it.

                    It's amazing what people are dissatisfied with these days ...