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Charity fundraise to get your face in our upcoming Isle of Wight route for TSW2!

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  • ColinM_Rivet
    Great stuff, cheers Drawyah - good luck!

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  • Drawyah
    Go on then, let's start the bidding at £5!

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  • Charity fundraise to get your face in our upcoming Isle of Wight route for TSW2!

    We have an advert inside the Isle of Wight route's 483 train that needs a friendly face put on it, and we thought we could raise a little money for a good cause to decide who's face goes on it!

    The winner's donation will be made to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway (, which is a registered charity on Isle of Wight that operate the historical steam line - and whom are supportive of this initiative.

    So, between now and the end of Monday (31st August 2020), let us know *in this thread* how much you would be prepared to donate to the charity in order to get your face in the advert on the 483! Let's see if we can start a mini-bidding war between Isle of Wight fans to raise a little money for a good cause!

    After Monday, we'll be in touch with the person that's said they would donate the highest amount, and make the arrangements for them to donate their winning amount. Don't actually make a donation until then - just post in this thread saying how much you'd be willing to donate.

    This is a bit of fun, all in a good cause, and under time pressure, so anyone bidding should understand the specifics may have to change, and extra rules introduced, but here are some initial rules & details to keep in mind:
    - Entrants must be aged 16 or over.
    - Ends Monday 31st August 2020
    - We reserve the right to remove any posts/bids that we don't believe are genuine.
    - If a bidder / image isn't suitable, can't do everything quick enough, or for any other reason, we reserve the right to dismiss that bid and consider the next-highest bidder etc.
    - Winning bidder would need to very quickly 1) make the donation, 2) send us their picture, 3) approve the artwork we produce with their face, and 4) sign a simple agreement to allow their likeness to appear in the game.
    - The winner will see the completed advert artwork before it goes in-game. If, within 24 hours of receiving the artwork, they decide they don't want the advert to appear in-game after all, they can choose that it doesn't, knowing that the donation to the charity is non-refundable.
    - The advert will be the format as seen in the attached, with the winner's head photo probably being about the size of one of the numbers.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	TSW IOW Loco Interior adverts 01.jpg Views:	558 Size:	90.9 KB ID:	2284
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