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  • If you happen to own TSW 3, we have good news for you. There's a small update for the Isle of Wight. See the changelog below.
    We don't have a date yet when this will become available for Train Sim World 2, we'll keep you updated.

    Isle of Wight:
    • Adjusted water edge at Ryde Esplanade
    • Improved foam on water

    There's more in this update, see the original Dovetail forum post:
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    • The speedo is still buged its a be silly now. I thought this was on the lest to fix. Offer people have also noticed that HUD doesn't show the break percentage and the AI doesn't use the lights on its seems random(one train had the lights on the other didn't). Im on ps5, tsw3


      • Jasper_Rivet
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        Editing a comment
        Just needed to confirm with the devs - we fixed it a while ago. Don't know why this hasn't arrived at the players, will try to get things moving, thanks for flagging!

    • We've got news for you! We've published an update on the Isle of Wight yesterday, see the full changelog below.

      Class 483
      • Added emergency brake that can be toggled with backspace ‘ - ‘
      • Animated guard panel buttons and increased button size to make them easier to click
      • Speedometer should correctly match the speed shown on the HUD.
      • Train will correctly load passengers after saving and reloading from the menu
      • Fixed HUD display swapping Brake Cylinder and Main Res
      • Headlights should function correctly on AI services
      • Driver seat is folded down by default when starting a service.
      • Reduced hitbox of gangway door to prevent it getting in the way.
      • Added collisions to passenger seats to prevent walking through them.
      • You can no longer flip up the driver’s seat while sat in it.
      • Sliding shoes will now properly contact the third rail.
      • Removed guard panel cameras.
      • Adjusted internal weather sounds.
      • Reduced volume of door warning audio.
      • Implemented guard buzzer audio.
      • Improved footstep audio
      • Fixed entrance and exit animations when climbing aboard.
      • Fixed animations for the guard's door open and close buttons.

      Let us know what you think about the update below!