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TS 2020: OUT NOW: The Engadin Linie: Pontresina - Scuol-Tarasp Route Add-On

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    The route is now avaiable through our own store here: and on Steam as well:!

    Let us know what you think of the new route!


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      first of all ! very nice job! line is really beautiful... I've maid a few kilometers and ... wow !! so nice views, very very very good job !!

      the EW4 with destination (so the special EL EW4) specialy done for the line ! Perfect !!
      I was wondering if the Ge6/6 of the line was different of the Ge6/6 of the Rhb expansion pack ?

      One thing is wondering me,
      on a lot of platforms (see screenshot), passengers are getting of on the wrong side (going down to grass and not to plaform). Is a a technical choice ? Beaucase it's not really true that you're climbing off in the grass !

      but one more time !! very nice job !
      i'm already dreaming of a new Rhb Expansion pack called "the vereina tunnel" coming out with the special train for the vereina tunnel and the small part of the missing line !
      And i'm also dreaming of two others expansion pack : "Rhb Expansion : Shunting" with the special train for shunting... and an othe Expansion Pack with the alvra train or the capricorn train ("Rhb Expansion : Express train")

      Congrat's to all the team for your nice job !!!
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        Mecanobob Thank you for your very kind words, glad you are enjoying the Engadin Line. And thank you for reporting the issue you're having. Our team will be checking into that today.


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          Mecanobob The platform issue is due to a technical TS limitation. The game crashes when two trains are stopping and loading passengers on the same narrow platform (like the one you attached), so the studio had to make the doors open in the wrong direction, making it a bit unrealistic but it was necessary in order to be able to play.

          As far as I know this happens at least on La Punt-Chamues-ch platform 2, Zuoz platform 3, Susch platform 2, Ardez platform 2, let us know if it happens also elsewhere.


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            At least !! Now I understand why doors oppened on the wrong side

            That's a technical issue that I can perfectly undestand !

            Well, I'm going to play the full line between Samedan and Scuo now ! I'll enjoy it for sure !

            PS : one last thing, in the manuel, the code for the EL EW4 .. you know, the code indicating that the letter a indicates a Scuol direction train, b for Pontresina etc....


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              Mecanobob You should find the codes for the coaches in the manual of the locomotive that you get alongside the route manual (or if you bought the RhB Enhancement Pack 04).


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                No... the spécial code of the EL EW4 cars are not included in the book.
                for instance, I had to test to discover that the letter « a » is a Scuol terminus...


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                  Mecanobob My bad, the codes are not in the RhB Enhancement 04 manual but on a separate loco manual which you get when you buy the route and is named "Rivet - RhB Ge 6-6 II - EN/DE/FR" (depending on the language you choose) and you can find it in the "manuals" folder inside the Railworks folder of your PC.

                  By the way I attach here all the destination boards for the EL EW4 coaches (the ones in yellow are the new specific destination boards for the Engadine Line).

                  A Regio Express H Chur to Samedan O Chur to Disentis/Mustér
                  B Chur to St.Moritz I Chur to Bergün/Bravuogn P Disentis/Mustér to Chur
                  C St.Moritz to Zermatt J St.Moritz to Bergün/Bravuogn Q Reserved
                  D St.Moritz to Chur K Chur to Filisur S Tirano to St.Moritz
                  E Chur to Brig L St.Moritz to Filisur T St.Moritz to Tirano
                  F St.Moritz to Davos M Chur to Ilanz X Bernina Express
                  G St.Moritz to Thusis N Disentis/Mustér to Ilanz U UNLOADED
                  a Pontresina to Scuol-Tarasp b Scuol-Tarasp to Pontresina c Pontresina to Landquart
                  d Landquart - Pontresina e Samedan to Chur f Chur to Samedan
                  g Zernez to Scuol-Tarasp h Scuol-Tarasp - Zernez i Chur - Scuol-Tarasp
                  j Scuol-Tarasp to Chur
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                    Hi everyone,
                    About the platform bug, I've been trying to put the platform where it should be in some stations. It doesn't crash my game but simply blocks the opening of my train doors (the train on the left) before the AI (on the right) leaves the station. Knowing the way SBB (and probably RhB as well) operates, this shouldn't be a problem since the train on the left wouldn't open its doors until the train on the right has gone.
                    Note that in this case, it is always the first train to arrive that goes on the track closest to the station, regardless of the traffic direction.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Platforms Bug.jpg Views:	0 Size:	515.8 KB ID:	1948

                    P.S. I know the map editor as well, and it is true that it is impossible to assign which side the doors open when there is a platform on each side of the train, which causes this bug in the first place.
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                      Thank’s for thé code !


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                        Hey there, just wanted to keep you updated on the castle of Ardez that wasn't appearing:
                        We found a bug that prevent the castle from showing up and fixed it. BUT, as long as this bug isn't critical, we're collecting some more, before a patch goes out for the Engadine Line. So it might be a bit of a wait for you guys.

                        Thanks for your patience!