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    @Jasper_Rivet Hope this is not going to be one of the many patches handed over to DTG that never got released. I'm starting to fear this might be the case. I've just asked about a patch for OBB 5047 on the German forum and it is the same thing, months and months pass and nothing happens - and the ball is in DTG's court. There is no other thing that customers can do than stop buying certain products (DTG and 3rd party released via DTG) and let all parties know why. Perhaps our wallets will be able to change something.


    • Jasper_Rivet
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      No, I don't think that will happen! The problem with TSW is, that releasing updates is much more complicated due to the fact, that you have to keep the consoles and their release plans in mind, trying to agree on a free slot... Not that easy as it is on Steam.

    • jstange
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      So can't we release the Steam patch first? Is that a (DTG's) rule that all patches must be released at the same time? If a Steam release is easier to do it may even serve as the final test of the patch's quality before it is released on the more rigid console platform systems.

    • ColinM_Rivet
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      Hi, good point, it would be useful in many ways. But I think Dovetail want to keep everything in sync so that players on other systems don't feel left out (even though you could argue they're getting the benefit of more testing first!). It shouldn't be long now for the 204 update though, but we'll ask for the future.


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    I've just published a new "Scenario" for the DB BR 204 on Steam, where it should appear soon. To find it, select "Train Sim World 2020", then "guides". then . under "Categories" "Modding or Configuration" and, finally, "Most Recent". Whew!!! Actually, I've noticed that clicking "Most Recent" is a workable shortcut.

    For those who have not yet tried a guide such as this, it consists of a series of instructions to follow while driving. I have 2 monitors, so I place the guide on the 2nd while TSW runs on the first. I'm not sure whether TSW will put up with tabbing back and forth to another program, in this case Steam, but you could also print the instructions before starting.
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      Originally posted by Jasper_Rivet View Post
      We wanted to give you a more detailed look at what is coming soon with the 204 update:

      Changelog for the update:
      - Offset bogie fixed (and faint yellow markings have been added)
      - Added climb ladder animation
      - Added cab sway to the cameras
      - Fixed a crash in the Scenario
      - Optimized the head out camera to see a little bit from the front of the loco
      - Added 1 Scenario that is 1 hour and 50 mins long from Lohr Industrial Yard to Hafenbahnhof DockYard
      - Added an additional service mode that is approx 30 mins long. This service will replace the Dock Freight Move service. (Both of these scenarios feature runarounds around yard areas and stations.)

      If you have any questions, happy to answer them!
      Comes this update when the BR 20 (Chopper) update releases?
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        De Mat '64 Unfortunately, I can't tell you. The update has been given to DTG for further handling and QA, so there's not that much we can do.

        But we will keep you updated if there are any news.


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          Originally posted by Jasper_Rivet View Post
          De Mat '64 Unfortunately, I can't tell you. The update has been given to DTG for further handling and QA, so there's not that much we can do.

          But we will keep you updated if there are any news.
          Thank you for being open on this. I appreciate this style of communication a lot.


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            So now with the introduction of TSW2 it is logical to think there's no driver to release any updates for any DLC in TSW. I'd like to hear the latest news on the BR204 update. I even opened this topic on the DTG forum, but it's being ignored.


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              Hi jstange, we don't have a concrete date for the 204 update yet, but it's been done from our side, and we're hoping it'll come out very soon now - certainly long before TSW2!



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                From my experience as a long time player from the start of Train Sim World, I have observed that updates come in batches, especially as it requires additional validation from Microsoft and Sony for their respective platforms.

                In the early days before there was a console release you had several 'big patches' (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4) with fixes for CSX Heavy Haul, increasing the FPS with each update as they noticed the high detailing of the locomotive was 'killing' the FPS as the AI also had the same detailing.
                Once the GWE route was released, the patches were toned down as I think they were also getting ready for launching it on consoles.

                DTG then started to do updates as they do currently.

                Any locomotive updates that were done in the past did come with a patch that enabled a new DLC, either a locomotive or route DLC.
                It is a bit different with route updates. They first got a core update that enabled the new DLC to become available inside the game as well as general fixes in the background and bug fixes to other content.
                Then the new route was released and a few days or a week after release a 'hot fix' was made for the route and rolled out.
                Further fixes or changes are gathered in a single update for the next DLC.

                As TSW2 was announced yesterday (I can go into a lengthy post with my opinion as to why a completely new game, but won't post it here as it isn't relevant) there isn't going to be a new route anymore but there is still a locomotive to be released on the 18th.

                If my observations are correct the BR 204 update comes when they update the game around the 17th for release of the new DLC the next day.

                As stated, this is information as I observed patches rolling out (either through notes or updates to the game on my PC as I do own all DLC for TSW).
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                  RobJansen Interesting theory... unfortunately totally wrong.

                  So apperently there's just been a console window and the patch is not out. Weren't we waiting for a console window? Was this information correct?

                  DTG said last week it was in QA, but hardly will they assign any resources to it now that their main interest is TSW2. TSW2 is terrible news and I don't really understand how anyone can feel good about it. Some new features, you have to pay 25 quid, all OK, no problem. But the real bad news is that all previous content will never ever receive any updates. I was so much looking forward to seeing this BR204 on other routes and was willing to pay extra for it. All gone now. Several months after release. If this little patch is released I think it's close to a miracle now.


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                    jstange Don’t worry, I can assure you that the update
                    hasn’t been put aside and is still coming out soon (possibly sooner than you think).


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                      jstange based on those earlier observations is that it should have indeed gone live with that update, but maybe there is something that held it back. There is a possibility that another fix/release is incoming just before launch or with the launch of the Class 20.

                      Sadly DTG aren't the best of communicating of most things, hopefully the last Q&A isn't a one off, although you could see Matt struggling to answer yes/no, as he doesn't wait to disappoint people, but a "maybe" it in people's eyes always a yes.
                      As he said a definitely "no" to a public editor lots of people I know are very upset at how DTG handles it and one even stopped all his development of Classic TS assets and is looking at Trainz.

                      But several other things stil aren't fixed (TS Classic and TSW) and I think never will be fixed, as for 1.5 years at least for one item to be fixed for the Classic Train Simulator.

                      Hopefully they learn to communicate to all Train Sim Communities much how Rivet Games is handling it so that everyone is happy
                      Kudos to Rivet Games on all fronts!
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                        Are there any news on what the plans for the BR204 are going to be. Is it going to be re-released for TSW2? Do we need to pay for an enhanced version (hopefully with a discount), do we get a free upgrade, or is it now just permanently "preserved" on MSB and there will never be a TSW2 version?


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                          DarkREaper No, unfortunately I don't have any news on the 204 update. It's at Dovetails QA for a long time, we don't know when it will be available. Hopefully very soon!

                          Regarding the TSW2: The 204 has nothing to do with TSW2 or is held back until it's release.
                          As Dovetail already said, all the TSW1 addons you own will be there in TSW2. So yes, the 204 will be in the TSW2.


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                            I really hoped that it would have released with the Class 20 (or the update before), but yeah. It always is speculation until it is actually released.

                            Been keeping my eye on changed to depots of Train Sim World (you can view them publicly on SteamDB).
                            Depots are really the content of the game and yesterday the MSB route aswell as the BR204 both went to the "rc_internal" depot (release candidate internal).

                            Which hopefully means that a release is coming soon (the Class 20 was about 10 days in rc_internal).
                            It seems no other depots have been updated to rc_internal, some for 'development', but don't know what the branch is for, maybe TSW2 compatibility (204 isn't on there).

                            As for TSW2, not all content is immediately available upon release they announced in the Q&A Stream and on several occasions on their forum.

                            As for 'preserved', they are still in the wind about updates, but you can not use it in the scenario editor or the livery editor and thus they are stuck on their original route with the service mode and scenario's. Maybe it can benefit from improved adhesion as such, but we won't know for sure.
                            They did say that it isn't 'remastered', so the content (even with bugs) stay's the same.

                            So the BR 204 on the MSB is the same as you have in TSW1 but you drive it when starting up TSW2.
                            TSW2 is a paid upgrade (if on PC, you have 2 routes for the price of one) but you can still start TSW2020 if you want, you don't have to buy TSW2, but no new content is coming to TSW2020.

                            Hopefully this isn't each time they upgrade now. Their fishing game is treated the same, a 'new one' comes out this month.

                            I do know that many people in the community are upset as DTG said after three and half years they won't be releasing a full public editor, which means for many communities TSW2 is D.O.A. (dead on arrival) as no builders will touch TSW2. Some even stopped TS20xx development and looking into coding and Trainz.
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                              so I guess still no news about the patch... frankly, in my humble opinion, I believe that Rivet should try to do something here as it is their good reputation that is at stake here. Many people were dissatisfied with some of the things that this patch adresses and it is equally important not just to release patches but also release them in a timely manner. Who cares if something is fixed in several months? The product is discounted in the meantime when the release takes so long so it's about some kind of investment protection too.

                              I do not believe Rivet can do nothing least they can ask or push DTG; I'd certainly be doing that if I were them: it is obvious that a lot of resources were invested to prepare the patch and it was made ready quite fast. All this demonstrates to my customers that I do care about their feedback and I'm ready to react to it pretty fast. Great stuff. But then DTG totally ruin my effort and basically send my investment into trash as the release will never be seen in such a positive way as it would have been 1-2 months ago.

                              Several days back DTG were showing the BR204 in a stream without the patch applied. Unfortunately this again supports my fears they could have dropped the patch during the TSW2 prep. It has some logic to it: if they plan to release all content as "preserved" in TSW2 and have to make it ready for the release, they have to have some patch freeze date for all the TSW DLCs. Now with slightly over a month to the TSW2 release it is well possible that the freeze is already in effect...