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Announcing Lake Constance: Schaffhausen to Kreuzlingen

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    Gibt es ein Relase Datum
    Wie lange dauert es noch bis zum relase


    • Jasper_Rivet
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      Nicht mehr lang, aber noch darf ich nichts genaues verraten. Bitte poste das nächste Mal im deutschen Bereich!

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    Let me clear a couple of things, people asked about in the last days:
    1. A lot of you have asked about why we didn’t expand the route to Constance. Let my explain why: We’re focused on swiss content. Adding Constance would have meant, that we need to do the complex german signal system and the german safety systems. And: Constance is quite a complex and unique station with it surroundings, so it would take quite a lot of time doing this in a quality, we would like to archive with our routes.
    2. The second most asked question was about the GTW, why we made our on version: First, the RABe 526 in the thurbo livery is the train driving at the real route, so it machtes perfectly. And secondly, we equipped the train with some unique features, like a custom destiantion board controller, the swiss safety systems and player controlled mirrors. And, ChrisTrains GTW isn’t available on steam.
    3. Some of you worried about a „DB Bahncard“ ad at Schaffhausen. We fixed that.
    If there's anything else, please just let us know!


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      it is also planned to supply the corresponding rolling stock.

      best regards


      • Jasper_Rivet
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        We'll include the Stadler RABe 526 in the "Thurbo" livery in the route.

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      Wann kommen infos zum ZUG??


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        Nice route and train!

        I've some questions about:
        Will the train have the parking-mode? Ti change the cab?
        Will be the feautured the procedures for turning on and off the train?
        And for the sounds?

        Thanks in Advance 😁😁😁


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          I'm very happy that you will release this beautiful route along the Rhine and the "Untersee". Have there been any updates to your signal scripts - e.g. that the status is now shown in the 2D map?

          As suggested by others it would be very nice if you could (later) add the route to Romanshorn (where you find the Railway Museum "Locorama") with a functional turntable and a railroad track triangle. Adding the entry to Konstanz would be perfect. There should not be the need to create many German signals.

          Best regards!


          • Jasper_Rivet
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            Yes, they're showing their status on the 2D Map.

            And thanks for the suggestion, I'll forward it to the dev team!

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          For next time, a route in the Swiss French part would be nice but good job in getting us more Swiss routes that don't just involve narrow-gauge.


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            Wow ! I really cant wait ! Thank you for your great work !


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              Can we expect maybe some custom swiss assets like swiss police cars for instance?


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                We build over 50 assets to represent the architecture of the region. And: There are the typical swiss "Post" busses for example.


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                  Only two more days to go! Don't miss your chance on preordering Lake Constance: Schaffhausen to Kreuzlingen with a special preorder discount.

                  Click image for larger version

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                    I find it very wounderful that you ar buildung Swiss Normal Gauge Railway Lines. So i awaiting the reales for the next Friday and i am be sure that it will be an very good and high Quality Addon from Rivet Games. For the Future i wish that you will build more Swiss Normal Gauge Railway Lines. I would some Ideas for you.


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                      I'm real excited to drive the thurbo!


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                        At what time do you send us the code? Thanks


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                          Hi Iako, codes will be emailed out the second it's published on Steam, so you will be able to download it straightaway. We anticipate about 1:30-2pm UK time, but the precise time depends on Steam themselves, so we don't know exactly.