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Announcing Lake Constance: Schaffhausen to Kreuzlingen

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  • Announcing Lake Constance: Schaffhausen to Kreuzlingen

    We’re delighted to announce our second standard gauge Rivet Games route: We’re bringing the beautiful Lake Constance: Schaffhausen to Kreuzlingen route, part of the Seelinie (Lake Line railway) at the Bodensee (Lake Constance) to TrainSimulator 2020 soon!

    The route as it is today was built in 4 segments from 1869 to 1895. Initially there were 3 Swiss train companies, who had built routes in the area. One after another, the NOB (Swiss Northeastern Railway) took over the separate parts and united them. In 1902, when Switzerland started nationalizating their railway companies, SBB took over the route. They started electrifying the route in 1928, but because of its status as a branch line, it took until 1969 to complete electrification.

    In 1996 the MThB (Mittel-Thurgau-Bahn or Central Thurgau Railway) took over the route, and started modernising both the tracks and the trains. Then in 2002, the SBB subsidiary “Thurbo” took over the route as well as most of the rolling stock.

    Today, the route is operated with RABe 526 electric multiple units, running every half an hour in both directions, and the Lake Constance route for Train Simulator will include the RABe 526 («Gelenktriebwagen» GTW 2/8). But more on the train later! Enjoy a few more screenshots below. Please notice, these are work in progress shots and not necessarily final quality!

    Available for pre-order on now.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Munot Fortress in Schaffhausen.jpg
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Name:	Schaffhausen Station 2.jpg
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    Looks great!

    By the way, congratulations to all the people who spotted correctly the location of the route in yesterday’s post!


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      Absolutely, I wasn't convinced anyone would get it right, but Jasper was sure they would, so I owe him a beer I think



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        Dam guys this is looking lovely keep the good work im very excited for this...... like im for always your releases top quality DLC where my money is spended well
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          Looks good, the level of detail is impressive ! About the GTW, I assume it will be a new one and not the one from ChrisTrains ?


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            Nemo Yes, it’s a Rivet model, but stay tuned for more details coming soon...


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              Originally posted by matteomo View Post
              Nemo Yes, it’s a Rivet model, but stay tuned for more details coming soon...
              Great news matteomo thank you


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                Great news to hear!

                Just keep in mind that you can make two trains from (nearly) the same models: the GTW AKL (Automatische Kupplung Lang = automatic coupling long = GTW 2/8 RABe 526 752 - 805) and the GTW AK (Automatische Kupplung = automatic coupling = GTW 2/6 RABe 526 701 - 751). The only difference I know about is the additional wagon in the GTW AKL (And that some AKs have a second pantograph and PZB for operation in Germany and Austria (though this equipment is not used at the moment)).

                I would absolutely love it if the See-GTW (GTW 2/6 RABe 526 680 - 689) with the Bt 221 - 224 will be added as the future enhancement pack.
                Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht  Name: image_298.jpg Ansichten: 17 Größe: 2,97 MB ID: 1096

                But I know, we have to wait for more news. Keep up the great work!

                Greetings from Switzerland
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                  Originally posted by ColinM_Rivet View Post
                  Absolutely, I wasn't convinced anyone would get it right, but Jasper was sure they would, so I owe him a beer I think

                  That only sounds fair!


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                    Hi guys,
                    It pleases me to see those kind of sigle-track lines with standard gauge ! You'll certainly make a wonderful tribute to the beautiful Thurgau region
                    I just have one regret though, I think it's a shame to make a GTW again when we had the one from ChrisTrains, but I do understand that with this choice of line it was the right equipment... I hope there'll be at least some wrap advertising liveries to add an authentic touch.

                    Greetings from Switzerland !


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                      As a real train driver from Thurbo, who travels the route several times a week, I have to say that I really like the first impression. I am looking forward to more pictures of your work and above all to our vehicle and the implementation in the Train Simulator. Keep it up.
                      However, it would have been better to construct the route continuously to Romanshorn. So tasks with mixed traffic, passenger trains or freight trains coming from Constance to Romanshorn would also be possible.
                      If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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                        Hello Rivet Games,

                        is it possible that you are going to Constance Central Station (Schaffhausen - Konstanz)


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                          Hallo Rivet Games
                          I find it is very wounderful that you are building another Swiss Railway route. It is also important that you will deliver with the new route the right rolling stock material. For a future normal gauge route i want to propose that you build a route in the western part of Switzerland in Region Bern. For Example the Route Bern-Neuchâtel or Bern-Fribourg. For the narrow gauge line i propose to build the Route Bern-Solothurn. For those lines Rolling Stock from the SBB,BLS and RBS are requested.


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                            As someone who has lived in Switzerland and been in that area of the country and on that route several times, this is great news. In the future, I would welcome a route in the Swiss French part like from Geneva to Lausanne maybe or from Yverdon-les-Bains to Neuchâtel.

                            Also, on a quick note, you put a German advertising board from Deutsche Bahn in your second picture at Schaffhausen railway station. You might want to correct that because it's unrealistic.


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                              Tarik P. In reality the Schaffhausen station is jointly owned by the SBB and the Deutsche Bahn, so there you can find also German advertisements.


                              • Tarik P.
                                Tarik P. commented
                                Editing a comment
                                I went to the Schaffhausen station several times and have never seen German (from Germany) advertisements on the platforms although yes the station is jointly owned by the SBB and the DB.