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  • TS20: Swiss Edition

    We're delighted to announce today that Dovetail have launched TS20: Swiss Edition! This is a landmark step in the world of Swiss content, as it's only the fifth country to get its own "Edition" (the others being the UK, Germany, USA and China).

    I appreciate this is probably not directly of interest to many existing players since you already own TS20, probably many of the routes that come with the new bundle. But our hope for this is that it makes it far easier for others to start experiencing Swiss Train Simulator content, creating a bigger community for all of us, and making it viable for us to produce more great Swiss content.

    So.... please tell any friends/colleagues/family that you think may be interested now that Dovetail have made it easy (and cheap) enough for almost anywhere to get involved.

    TS20: Swiss Edition comes with the core game, the Rivet Gotthardbahn and Bernina routes, as well as a German, British and American route, and can be purchased from Steam here: