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Rivet Games forums now on AppStores!


  • Rivet Games forums now on AppStores!

    To hopefully make it easier to engage with the Rivet Games Forums, there are now dedicated mobile apps available to download; just search for "Rivet Games" in either the Apple or Google Play stores on your phone or tablet.

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    In order to keep your forum data as safe and secure as possible, they're hosted by dedicated third party forum software company vBulletin, who also provide the software for the apps. We're aware of some minor bugs in the apps (and plenty that we'd change) but can't because it's a standard tool. So apologies for any problems, we'll work with vBulletin to iron out any issues.

    If you do find the apps useful though, it would really help other users find them if you rated them - just open up the Rivet Games forum app in the AppStore and click on a star rating (preferably 5-star obviously, but that's your choice!).

    And of course feel free to follow us on whichever other social media you prefer:
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      Experience a true iconic, straight from the London Underground: The 1938 Heritage Tube Stock is coming soon to Train Sim World 2!

      The 1938 Stock was put into service in 1938 and had cutting edge technology by that time: The 38 Stock was the first tube train that had all the driving equipment mounted below the seats. That meant almost a third more space for the passengers - a significant advantage!

      The trains mostly served as 4 car units, with an motorised...
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      Mit Train Sim World 2 hat Dovetail Games die sogenannten “Collectibles” eingeführt - Kleine oder große Objekte, mit denen der Spieler interagieren bzw. diese einsammeln kann. Und weil diese normalerweise ein bisschen versteckt sind, muss man dafür die Strecke erkunden und entdeckt nebenbei auch noch wunderschöne neue Orte.

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      With Train Sim World 2, Dovetail Games invented “Collectibles”; items small or large which you can interact with and collect - and because they’re usually a bit hidden, you’ll need to explore the map, discovering beautiful new places.

      Here are the collectibles we’ve made for the Arosa Linie:

      The Snowglobes:

      The idea for doing these might have resulted from a stroll through the RhB merchandise shop or just the fact that we wanted...
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      Jetzt wo die Arosa Linie offiziell angekündigt wurde, möchten wir drüber sprechen was enthalten sein wird - konkret soll es heute um die mitgelieferten Wagen gehen.

      Damit die Ge 4/4 II etwas zu ziehen hat, legen wir die die sogenannten “Einheitswagen” bei. Diese Personenwagen wurden seit Mitte der 1960 nach einem standardisierten Verfahren entwickelt und gebaut. Für die Arosa Linie haben wir uns für den Typ EW1 entschieden, die erste Generation der Einheitswagen. Weil die Personenwagen...
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      With the Arosa Line now officially announced, we want to share a few more details about what will be included. Today, we’re talking about the coaches.

      In order for the Ge 4/4 II to have something to pull, we’re including the “Einheitswagen” (German for “standard wagon”). These passenger coaches built after certain uniform design features from the mid-1960s onwards. For the Arosa Line, we choose the EW1, which is the first generation of these passenger coaches. Because...
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    • Some reflections from Iain Mackay - The developer of Suburban Glasgow Northwest
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      Some reflections from Suburban Glasgow creator Iain Mackay that other Train Simulator content developers may want to consider:
      · One of the requirements for creating a commercial route on Steam is to start working in a “Source” area instead of using pre-compiled assets pointing to several different providers. This also impacts on whether DRM (copy protection) can be implemented. When a route gets released, ideally it will only use one provider and product (i.e., its own)

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